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Our four poster bed frames are available in four natural wood finishes as well as solid European oak. View all our hand applied finishes.


Most of our four poster beds are available from single (3ft) up to Caesar size (8ft) – the most popular sizes are king-size (5ft wide) and super king-size (6ft wide).

We can also handcraft made to measure four poster beds if you are looking for a specific size.

Four Poster Beds and Frames For Sale

Big bedrooms often cry out for the grandeur of a luxury four-poster bed. Yet, in a completely different styling, four-posters can be romantic and chic – a look that isn’t too imposing in a smaller room.

No matter the size of your bedroom, your new bed can help to create the desired feel and ambience of the whole room. Our solid wood four-poster beds can be a sleek, modern addition to your interior. Alternatively, you can opt for a dominant four-poster canopy bed that will really take charge of the room.

Whatever your preference, we can build a perfectly proportioned solid oak four-poster in widths of up to 8ft Caesar size. Most of our four posters are also available with a canopy and feature under-bed storage drawers

Our luxury four-poster bed frames for sale come with free delivery and installation by our specialist team. You’ll also benefit from a 10-year guarantee with a 21-day money-back promise if you aren’t completely satisfied. We will arrange collection at our own cost and provide you with a full refund.

Four Poster Beds FAQ

What are the beds made from?

Four poster beds are built using many materials, including metal and wood. Some of the most popular types of wood include walnut, mahogany, oak and solid pine.

Our solid wood four-poster beds are handmade and customisable, with a choice of five wood finishes.

If you want an oak four-poster bed, we use 150 to 200-year-old European Oak, selected for its durability. 

Alternatively, you can choose a solid pine 4-poster bed frame, which combines Quebec Yellow and Scandinavian Redwood. The bed frame is then polished with a choice of four natural wax finishes available.

All four poster bed frames vary in height but are approximately 2 metres high. 

Our tallest four-poster bed is the Ambassador (2137mm), and our shortest is the County Kerry (2065mm).

Other heights of our four poster beds for sale include:

Our handmade selection of solid wood and oak four-poster bed frames come in seven sizes.

These are: 

  • Single Four Poster Bed – 3’0”
  • Double Four Poster Bed – 4’6”
  • King Size Four Poster Bed – 5’0”
  • Super King Four Poster Bed – 6’0”
  • Eastern King Four Poster Bed – 6’6”
  • Emperor Four Poster Bed – 7’0”
  • Caesar Four Poster Bed – 8’0”

The width, length, and availability of these bed sizes will change depending on your chosen four-poster bed style. For instance, our Windsor four poster bed is available in single, but our Ambassador 4 poster bed frame isn’t. 

Yes, a four-poster bed frame from Revival Beds is designed to be delivered and assembled in your bedroom by our specialist 2-man team. Delivery and installation is free of charge (UK Mainland).

When you place an order, we will check that you have enough space within your doorways and stairs to install a four-poster bed.

All our wooden beds can be disassembled and then reassembled. If you need to disassemble or reassemble your Revival Bed.

Looking for a 4 poster bed canopy? Most of our four-poster bed frames are available with a canopy or curtains

But this is optional and is down to your individual preference.

There are many ways to style a four-poster bed. Several fabric options are available and include drapes, pelmets, curtains, brocades and voiles.

All our fabric dressings are handmade in the UK and are available in various colour options.

Why not check out our advice on how to best dress a four-poster bed?

No. Four poster beds are one of the most recognised and luxurious bed designs in 2023. Although their primary use is to keep the cold out, they also make a great statement piece for a modern bedroom makeover.

Four poster beds are a timeless design, and because of the number of options available, many different styles can be created.

Revival Beds has several four-poster bed designs, ranging from traditional, classic, and romantic to more contemporary options. They can be customised even further with five natural wood finishes.

There are many benefits to four poster beds:

  1. Warmth – Four poster bed frames were originally created for insulation, with canopy curtains excellent at keeping the warmth in on winter nights.
  2. Privacy – Thanks to 4 poster bed canopy curtains, users can ensure privacy during sleep.
  3. Protection – Curtains improve protection, especially from flies and insects during the summer months.
  4. Decoration – There is no better bed design for creating a statement in your bedroom and having the bed as the main focal point. Their size and stature make them perfect for larger bedrooms and bedrooms with higher ceilings.
  5. Timeless Design – Four poster beds were popularised in the 16th century and have remained in style.
  6. Highly Customisable – With a selection of wood and wax finishes available alongside fully bespoke sizing, you can find the dream bed for your bedroom.

Four poster beds make an excellent investment. Their timeless design means that you’ll always be in fashion and the use of robust and sturdy wood ensures unrivalled longevity. 

Revival Beds also have a 10-year guarantee with a 21-day money-back guarantee, if you aren’t completely satisfied.

Canopy is the term used to describe the area within the posts at the top of a 4 poster bed. They are typically made from solid wood that acts like a flat roof at the top of your head.

However, you can also choose canopies using drapes and voiles if you are looking for something more light and airy – this is often referred to as a canopy bed. 

When thinking about 4 poster bed canopies, you should first decide if your bed style suits it. Next, you should consider if you want a canopy bed frame made from wood or drapes and voiles.

Your decision would come down to the look / feel you are trying to create, as well as the size of your bedroom and the amount of natural light you get.

Made your choice? Take a look at our four-poster bed drapes.

Or find out more about a four-poster bed with a canopy by calling Revival Beds at 01777 869 669.

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