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2/4 Chest

Our 2-over-4 chest-of-drawers is perfect if you need plenty of storage space to keep your bedroom neat and tidy.

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With 2 small drawers and 4 full-width drawers, the Revival 2/4 chest-of-drawers is ideal for hiding away all manner of clothes and other items. The top offers a large surface area, perfect for a TV or a collection of books, while the 2 smaller top drawers provide handy storage space for knick-knacks, socks, underwear or jewellery.

The drawers themselves are handmade from solid wood throughout with traditional, sturdy dovetailed joints, so they glide out smoothly while providing generations of everyday use. The handles are British-made, too, by a Birmingham specialist with a pedigree that stretches back almost 150 years. Even the back of the chest is made from rock-solid premium-quality tongue-and-groove timber because when we claim that the Revival furniture collection is ‘for a lifetime’, we mean every word!

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