• 2/2 Chest

    Our most popular design features spacious drawers without dominating your space.

    From £633 or £12.73 p/m
  • 11 Drawer Chest

    Ideal for those who love to be organised, a mix of drawers in varying sizes.

    From £1086 or £21.84 p/m
  • 9 Drawer Chest

    Elegant yet functional, our roomy 9 drawer chest keeps your bedroom uncluttered in style.

    From £1026 or £20.63 p/m
  • 7 Drawer Long Chest

    For the larger bedroom, or living space, perfectly balanced with a mix of drawer sizes.

    From £786 or £15.81 p/m
  • Wellington Chest

    Stunning storage when floor space is limited, this tall chest works well in any room.

    From £701 or £14.10 p/m
  • 2/5 Chest

    This tall, medium width chest features 5 full-size drawers, big enough for all your essentials.

    From £845 or £16.99 p/m
  • 2/4 Chest

    Hide away your essentials in our generously proportioned chest, with 4 full-width drawers.

    From £760 or £15.29 p/m
  • 2/3 Chest

    Perfect for the smaller bedroom, providing ample storage where space is at a premium.

    From £690 or £13.88 p/m
  • Vanity Chest

    This pretty yet practical piece features a glass mirror inside an additional top storage area.

    From £738 or £14.84 p/m

Chest of Drawers

A solid wood chest of drawers offers so much to your bedroom. Not only are they the ideal storage solution for many clothing items, but they can also be used to place things on top of and can help to create a beautiful look and feel in the bedroom. To create the perfect bedroom, you’ll need the best chest of drawers.

At Revival Beds we handcraft beautiful solid wood chests of drawers that come with a variety of configuration options – we can even offer a bespoke service.
Our tallest chest of drawers – the seven-drawer Wellington chest – is perfect for rooms that are short on space but big on storage needs.

Alternatively, we offer two-over-three, four or five chests which provide more surface area. For the bigger bedroom, why not consider our seven, nine or 11-drawer solid wooden chests?

The drawers that sit within our chest of drawers are made from solid wood with dovetailed joints and slide out smoothly.

How many different chest of drawers styles are there?

In total, we create nine different sizes and types of chest. Each of these is replicated through the four furniture collections, which are also available in oak.

What is a long chest?

These types of chests are longer than they are tall and more popular in the larger bedroom. They provide great storage for clothing or wider objects.

Can I have a made to measure chest of drawers?

We can make bespoke or made to measure chests of drawers based on our standard styles. Simply get in touch to find out more – 01777 869 669.

What is the cost of a bespoke chest of drawers?

A bespoke chest of drawers usually typically comes at a 30% premium on the list price of the design it has been based on.

Can a mirror be added to my chest of drawers?

We have a variety of mirrors which compliment our furniture; some which sit on top of the chest, some are integral. For the long chests of drawers, we recommend a wall mirror.

Do Revival chest of drawers come with a guarantee?

Yes! All Revival furniture is covered by our standard guarantee.

Can the chests take the weight of a T.V?

Yes! Many customers choose to put a T.V. on their chest of drawers. If you do this its worth considering glass top for protection.

Are the inside of the drawers painted?

Yes! Painted chests are painted inside and the wax finish chests are stained to match the rest of the piece of furniture.

Are the oak chest of drawers 100% oak?

Yes! All our furniture is solid wood; there is no plywood, MDF, or chipboard in Revival furniture.

Our chest of drawers come in many standard sizes, however, we offer a bespoke service where you can select a special size. The cost for this usually adds a 30% premium to the list price of the cabinet.

We offer the same range of finishes for our chest of drawers as we do for our beds.

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