Memory Foam Mattresses

Our range of memory foam mattresses offer outstanding support to help the spine’s natural alignment.

These dual-density memory foam mattresses feature the best of both worlds: the support of a bottom layer (pocket spring platform or higher density memory foam, depending on mattress) and the sublime comfort of a deluxe memory foam integrated top pad.

The bottom layer is designed to ease tension and aching muscles while the top layer moulds to the body shape offering supreme comfort and support.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam was developed for NASA in 1966 to protect airmen and astronauts from buffeting during weightlessness and impact during re-entry to earth’s atmosphere.

Why is memory foam suitable for mattresses?

Memory foam is used in mattresses because it is denser than conventional foam. This property helps to support pressure points during sleep because of its ability to mould to your body’s shape.

What is the difference between memory foam and latex foam?

The main difference is that latex is a natural material made from the sap of the rubber tree and memory foam is an entirely manmade material. Latex has more of a bounce, while memory foam is much slower to return to its original shape – hence the name.

Is memory foam hypoallergenic?

Yes, memory foam is entirely hypoallergenic and produces no dust at all. So, if you suffer from dust allergies or asthma, memory foam mattresses are well worth considering.

Are there different qualities and types of memory foam mattress?

Yes, there are different qualities of memory foam mattress. The quality of a memory foam mattress predominantly depends on thickness and layers. Sometimes there are two or three layers of varying density foam bonded together to achieve the correct feel, where in other instances a layer of conventional reflex foam is used as a base.

Cheaper memory foam mattresses use lower density foam.

Can you bend a memory foam mattress?

You can bend memory foam to get it round tight corners and up narrow stairways, making them easy to transport and get into the bedroom.

Will a memory foam mattress be too hot to sleep on?

Memory foam tends to retain body heat which can be uncomfortable for some sleepers. However, some memory foam mattresses are covered with cool-tech fabrics which dissipate unwanted heat and eliminate the problem.

Can you get a memory foam mattress with springs as well?

A sprung mattress can be fitted with an integrated memory foam topper to add extra comfort. These mattresses are called hybrid mattresses, and the benefit of this is you get a luxurious top to the mattress with a responsive sprung deck.

Memory foam mattresses are produced in standard widths and cut to the required size. However, for an extra wide mattress, (super kingsize or larger), two mattresses are zip linked together.

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