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Up to 16 cubic feet of storage space

Your bedroom should be a place of peace and tranquillity, so why fill it with unsightly clutter? Store everything neatly away under your new Revival bed in our solid wood storage drawers.

Just like your new bed, Revival under-bed storage drawers are hand-crafted from solid wood – not hardboard, plastic or MDF – and are built with strong dovetailed joints and bases that won’t come apart at the sides.

Traditional Wooden Beds with Storage Drawers

Our drawers glide open effortlessly

Unlike some under-bed storage, Revival’s handmade drawers glide open effortlessly thanks to sturdy runners, not castors, meaning they won’t catch on carpets or rugs and will last for the lifetime of the bed.

Over the years, we’ve made a conscious commitment to deliver functional, high-quality, useful under bed storage, which is why each of our under bed storage drawers is the size of a large suitcase, providing ample space for everything you need to store.

Depending on your bed design, you have the option of two or four drawers, and as our drawers are custom built into the base of the bed itself, they’re hidden discreetly out of sight.

Oak Sleigh Bed with Storage Drawers


Storage Drawers on Handmade Oak Bed

Exquisitly finished

Finished to match your bed perfectly

Solid Wood Storage Drawer Open

Hand built for strength

Hand-built in solid wood using dovetailed joints for extra strength

Open Storage Drawers Under Wooden Bed

Effortless smooth opening

Opens on sturdy runners

Solid Wood Sleigh Bed Storage Drawer

2 or 4 drawer options

2 or 4 drawer options (depending on bed design)

Why choose our storage options?

Utilise space more effectively with under-bed storage drawers

Storage space in your home is a necessity. At Revival Beds, we understand its importance – especially in the bedroom – which is why most of our beautifully handcrafted wooden beds have the option of under-bed storage drawers.

At Revival Beds, all our products are handmade, so we can build drawers into any sized bed. No matter if you’re looking for a King, Queen, double, or single bed with storage drawers, we can provide you with the perfect bed frame.

Storage drawers are the perfect accessory to any hand-made bed, but they also come with a number of significant benefits. Here are a handful of the most important.

Your bedroom should be a place to relax, chill out, and recharge your batteries. However, we all know it’s virtually impossible to relax when surrounded by clutter. As goes the old adage: “a clear mind needs a clear environment.”

By having effective storage options for the bedroom, you can make sure there’s no excuse for clutter, allowing you to take the weight off and truly cleanse the mind.

Keeping your bedroom tidy is vital, but it’s equally important that access to stored items is quick and easy. Under-bed storage drawers provide an effective storage solution for the bedroom that not only helps to minimise clutter but also delivers easy access to whatever you need.

There are many options when it comes to storage in the bedroom, stacking boxes, wardrobes, and ottomans to name a few. However, all these things take up a considerable amount of floor space. By having a bed with drawers, you can increase storage space without having to compromise the amount of floor space in your bedroom.

Although first impressions can be deceiving, the space under your bed can be one of the handiest hidden storage areas in the home – providing you make the most of it.

Here’s how much extra storage space you can create by having a bed with storage drawers:

4-drawer under bed storage (4x4cu.ft = 16cu.ft.)

Available for all four-poster bedstraditional beds, leather beds and New England beds.

2-drawer under bed storage (2x5cu.ft = 10cu.ft)

Available for all sleigh beds (due to nature of design).

Need more storage options? We've got you covered...


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