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Our bedroom furniture is available in either solid pine, which has four different finish options or natural oak. We can also provide a colour matching service.


Are you looking for made to measure bedroom furniture or bespoke wooden beds? Because all our furniture is handmade to order, we can change the width, height and length to suit your requirements.

Pine Bedroom Furniture Near You

Want high-quality furniture at a more affordable price? Look no further than our handmade pine bedroom furniture.

Offering the exact same levels of quality care and craftsmanship as our oak furniture at a more budget-friendly price, our pine furniture is the perfect addition to any home.

We combine two species of pine tree – Quebec Yellow and Scandinavian Redwood – to create the ideal combination of strength, stability, and style in all our solid pine wood furniture. 

You can configure your made-to-order pine furniture today and choose from four quality waxed finishes with just a 10% deposit required. 

Delivery and installation are completely free of charge for UK mainland customers.

Not ready to order just yet? Order up to four free samples of our pine and oak wood straight to your door to see which is right for you.

Pine Furniture FAQ

What Types of Pine Bedroom Furniture is Available?

At Revival Beds, we offer a huge selection of pine furniture to suit any home décor – all made-to-order and handmade in Nottinghamshire.

These include:

  • Pine Bedside Cabinets – available in four unique styles.
  • Pine Chests of Drawers – available in 10 configurations.
  • Pine Wardrobes – available in 12 configurations.
  • Pine Dressing Tables – available in three stand-out styles with optional mirror and stool. 
  • Pine Blanket Boxes – available in four variations and the perfect place to store blankets and spare sheets.
  • Pine Mirrors – – available in five styles with freestanding and wall mirror configurations.

As you can expect from all our handmade products, each of our pine furniture has free delivery and expert installation for UK mainland customers. 

Get yours today with just a 10% deposit required.

Our pine bedroom furniture is available in four standard finishes. They are:

  • Kenilworth – a lighter colour similar to solid oak.
  • Old wood – a mid-colour that brings out the best of the pine wood grain.
  • Antique mahogany – a rich, dark, and strong colour that was popularised in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Walnut – a striking dark pine colour that suits both traditional and modern homes.

We also offer a full colour-matching service if you’re looking for a specific shade to suit your other bedroom décor. 

Just contact us today to see how we can help.

Pine furniture can last for decades when built well, just like oak and other hardwood furniture. 

Although pine has the reputation of being more susceptible to nicks, dents, and scratches, proper maintenance of your furniture can result in life-long use.

Pine is an excellent material for furniture. While not as durable as hardwoods like oak, pine is a more affordable and sustainable material that is easier to stain or paint for future redecoration.

The knots in pine also give it a signature rustic look that is consistently in fashion for longevity.

We craft our pine furniture to the highest quality possible for enhanced longevity. But you can help ensure they have an even longer life with some simple care steps. 

For our pine furniture and beds, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Keep your pine bed out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources like radiators.
  2. Use a dry, lint-free cloth to clean your furniture from dust and dirt – don’t use silicone-based cleaning or polishing products.
  3. We recommend applying a clear beeswax every six months to clean and nourish the wood.

If your pine furniture comes with leather, we recommend cleaning the leather using a soft cloth that has been wrung out in a warm, mild soap solution.

Just simply wipe the leather in a gentle circular motion to avoid soaking the leather.

You can find full care details in our care guide.

Neutral and soft colours like cream, beige, ivory, and grey go well with pine furniture. Colours like white tend not to work as they can stand out next to pinewood furniture’s yellow undertones.

Due to pine’s rustic look, it has long been in fashion for bedroom furniture. 

However, it has seen a big boost in popularity in recent years thanks to its sustainability, as pine trees grow far quicker than oak.

We use two wood types- oak and pine- to create our handmade wooden furniture and beds.

But which material is right for you?

Generally, we think oak is the best material for wooden furniture and beds.

This is simply because it’s more durable and offers a timeless look that never goes out of fashion. 

Proper care for oak furniture can make it last for a lifetime.

However, oak is much more expensive than pine. If you have a tighter budget, you can’t go wrong with our pine bedroom furniture. 

Our pine furniture is handcrafted with as much care and consideration as our oak offering. This means it’s built to last.

Pine has been the height of fashion many times, with its straighter, lighter grains making it easier to paint for redecoration.

Pine trees are also quicker to replenish than oak as they grow faster, making pine a more sustainable wood option for the planet.

You can learn more about oak vs pine by clicking the link to read our guide. 

Or you can book a visit to our factory showroom to discuss your options with one of our wooden bed and furniture experts.

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