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Our super king-size mattresses cover all firmness ratings to offer the right support and comfort for all body frame sizes.


Henry Smeaton mattresses are available from single (3ft) up to caesar (8ft). We can also handcraft made to measure mattresses, as part of our bespoke service.

Super King Mattresses

Suffer from back ache and neck pain? Struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Our premium and handmade range of super king mattresses supplies supreme support and comfort for a perfect night’s sleep, every night. 

Our exclusive range of Henry Smeaton super king mattresses are 6’0” wide and available in a range of firmness ratings and fabrics, like 100% natural latex, silk, cashmere, cotton, and Belgium damask fabric. 

Our quality mattresses are also available in a zip-link format, which means two mattresses can be zipped together in the middle – providing different levels of comfort and firmness for you and your partner.

Shop our super king mattresses today and get free UK delivery and expert installation. We also offer a five-year warranty and a 21-day money-back guarantee. 

Super King-size Mattresses FAQ

What Size is a Super King Mattress?

Super king-size mattresses are 6’0” wide x 6’6” long. The next size up from this would be an eastern king mattress, which is 6’6” wide x 6’6” long.

It depends on your stair bulkhead measurements and any other tight access points, especially if it is a one piece mattress. However, we would check these measurements with you before the day of delivery and installation.

For wide mattresses we would recommend a zip-link mattress, (two mattresses zipped together to create one) because they are easier to navigate around any tight access points.

With this type of mattress, it also means you and a partner can have a different mattress feel to cater for your own needs. For example, one side of the mattress may be a medium feel and the other side firm.

Our premium and exclusive range of super king mattresses are handcrafted by industry veterans Henry Smeaton.

Each mattress offers supreme support and comfort, but there are some key differences between our mattresses that means they will be better suited to different people.

Our Henry Smeaton Diamond range and Henry Smeaton Platinum range use the finest materials like lambswool, silk, cashmere, cotton, and Belgium damask fabric while boasting up to 11,000 pocket springs.

Our Henry Smeaton Diamond mattresses also use 100% natural latex. 

Latex mattresses are able to better conform to your body weight and recover more quickly than memory foam to give more support along the mattress edge.

The Henry Smeaton Classic uses materials like Belgium damask fabric, lambswool, silk, and cashmere for sublime support. 

Our classic range can also be made in a zip-link option. This means two mattresses can be zipped together to create one, allowing your partner to have a different mattress feel to you.

The Henry Smeaton Cool Latex Gel uses cotton and a unique Seacell fabric made from renewable resources, so it’s completely biodegradable. 

Finally, there’s our leading Next Regeneration Pocket Memory Foam Mattress, a super-king memory foam mattress that uses chemical-free microclimate fabric to regulate body temperature. 

Almost all of our super king mattresses feature a number in the product. But what does it mean?

The number in our super king-size mattress models refers to the number of pocket springs in the mattress.

For example, the Henry Smeaton Platinum 3700 Mattress has 3,700 pocket springs.

While the Henry Smeaton Classic 1000 Mattress has 1,000 pocket springs. 

More pocket springs usually mean more comfort, as a higher spring count allows sections of the spring unit to act independently. This means you can get more personalised support for better comfort. 

It’s important to note that pocket springs do not impact firmness. Our super king mattresses come in a range of firmness options so you can get the perfect night’s sleep for you. 

Our luxury super king mattresses start from just £1,017 with our Classic range and go up to £3,454 with our Diamond range.

Our super king-size mattresses are 6’0” wide and 6’6” long. While our king-size mattresses are 5’0” wide and 6’6” long.

Yes, a super king mattress is the same width as two single beds pushed together, but is three inches longer.

A single bed is 3’0” wide and 6’3” long, while a super king-size mattress is 6’0” wide and 6’6” long. 

There are three types of mattresses bigger than a super king mattress.

They are:

Our UK super king size mattresses come in varying levels of firmness, from soft to extra firm.


Each of our super king mattresses comes with a firmness rating, with some able to be customised with a selection of firmness ratings.

Our classic range can come in a zip-link option, which allows two different firmness levels for you and your partner.

For example:

The Henry Smeaton Diamond 11000 mattress has a medium firmness, while the Henry Smeaton Diamond 7000 mattress has a choice of medium or firm. 

The tension of the springs can be modified to dictate the levels of firmness. 

You can learn more about mattresses and their firmness in our detailed mattress buying guide

Yes, all of our super king bed mattresses are 100% recyclable. So, when it’s time to replace your existing mattress, it won’t end up in a landfill. 

Our Henry Smeaton Cool Latex Gel goes a step further by using a unique Seacell fabric made from renewable resources, so it’s completely biodegradable. 

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