• Shaker Bed

    Simple and calm, this shaker style bed is the latest design in the New England collection.

    From £1046 or £21.04 p/m
  • Maine Bed

    Simple, calm and serene, our traditional Maine New England Bed with its classic shaker style.

    From £825 or £16.59 p/m
  • Connecticut Sleigh Bed

    A refined wooden sleigh bed, combining New England and 19th Century European styles.

    From £968 or £19.47 p/m
  • Vermont Four Poster Bed

    Celebrating the simple & understated, our New England inspired four poster bed.

    From £1418 or £28.52 p/m
  • Vermont Bed

    Simple, honest and clean – that’s the genius of Vermont styling.

    From £962 or £19.35 p/m

New England Beds

New England beds are designed to bring purity, harmony and calm to your bedroom. These luxurious beds combine a classic style with a more modern, sleek painted finish; offering the ultimate blend of traditional and contemporary.

New England wooden bed frames are particularly popular in soft pastel painted wood finishes, such as a white or pale grey. However, Revival’s New England beds can look just as sublime in a natural wood finish if that’s the look and feel you want to achieve.

Your bedroom is your own personal, private retreat. So, you’ll be pleased to hear that all Revival Beds are guaranteed to be squeak and creak-free, handmade to order and come with free delivery & installation. On top of that, all our Wooden Beds come with a 10-year guarantee.

What is a New England bed?

A New England bed, often referred to as Shaker bed, is a particular style of bed that has tongue-and-groove panelling on the head and footboard. The style dates back to the 18th and early 19th century when thousands of French and French Canadians arrived in America.

Find out more about New England and Shaker style furniture here.

Do New England beds come in different designs?

Yes. here at Revival Beds we offer New England styles for traditional beds, sleigh beds and four poster beds.

Can you paint a New England bed?

Yes, in-fact the traditional style of New England is painted. However, there is no reason why you can’t have a New England bed in a natural wood finish if you were looking for a unique bed.

All Revival New England beds can be finished in 15 natural wood and painted finish options.

New England and Shaker style beds are available up to 8ft Caesar size. Our New England and Shaker beds are also available in extra long sizes as part of our bespoke service.

All of our New England and Shaker style beds are available in 14 pastel paint and natural wood finishes, as well as solid European oak.

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