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Our sleigh beds are available in four natural wood finishes as well as solid oak.


Our sleigh beds are available from 3ft single, up to 7ft Emperor size and we can also make any of our beds extra long. We can also handcraft bespoke sleigh beds and made to measure mattresses, if you are working to a specific size.

Sleigh Beds for Sale UK

The aim with our wooden sleigh beds has been to create a beautiful bed true to the original French design: elegant and almost ‘weightless’ in appearance, yet as strong as an ox. 

To achieve this, our sleigh beds for sale are handcrafted in the UK using aged 150-200-year-old Oak or Oregon – which is a combination of Quebec Yellow and Scandinavian Redwood, famed for its strength and design intricacies. 

All our wooden sleigh beds are available in four natural wood finishes, alongside the iconic solid oak. Many of our oak sleigh beds, like the Tuscany Sleigh Bed, also feature fine Italian leather, available in 15 stunning shades.

Our sleigh bed frames are designed and handcrafted by our expert team at our Nottinghamshire workshop here in the UK. Because of this, we can make your beds to order and to your exact specifications. Unhappy with the size or colour? We can build your dream solid wood sleigh bed exactly as you want.

We’re so confident about the quality of our wooden beds that each sleigh bed comes with a 10-year guarantee, as well as free delivery & installation (UK mainland).

Sleigh Beds FAQ

What Are Sleigh Beds Made From?

You can craft sleigh beds from any solid material. But at Revival Beds, our sleigh bed frames are made from either solid oak or Oregon, chosen for their durability and strength.

Our solid oak sleigh beds use 150-200-year-old European oak, a hardwood chosen for its character and durability. Meanwhile, our Oregon beds combine Quebec Yellow and Scandinavian Redwood (two species of solid pine) to provide the optimum combination of strength and beautiful design.

Some of our Sleigh Beds, like the Amalfi Sleigh Bed, also feature authentic Italian leather, available in 15 bespoke shades. 

If you’re looking for a wooden sleigh bed with storage, Revival Beds has you covered. Most of our wooden sleigh beds come with optional under-bed storage drawers providing up to 10 cubic feet of storage space. 

Our wooden sleigh beds with storage have two drawers around the size of a large suitcase. They are hand-built in solid wood using dovetailed joints to provide extra strength. 

You can learn more about underbed storage options by clicking the link.

Sleigh beds are popular thanks to their sophisticated and elegant design, created by the curved headboard and footboard. They’re typically made with solid wood, enhancing strength, stability, and durability.

A sleigh bed is a bed type that has a curved headboard and footboard that roll outward at the top. They were popularised in the first half of the 19th century. 

Yes, sleigh beds have remained popular since the early 19th century. They combine simplicity and luxury and are commonplace in many “best designer beds” articles.

In most cases, the comfort of your sleigh bed will depend on mattress performance. So, ensure you invest in a quality mattress that is the right size for your bed. Our Henry Smeaton mattresses are available with up to 11,000 pocket springs and fit all our wooden beds.

Our craftsmen can build bespoke-sized sleigh bed frames for those looking for something extra long or wide. For example, if you require extra legroom, then all of our sleigh bed designs can be made longer than the standard 6′ 3″ or 6′ 6″ lengths.

Sleigh beds originated in France in the early 19th century after being popularised by Napoleon. However, their heritage dates back to Ancient Rome and Greece, with inspiration for the modern Sleigh bed coming from this era’s opulent aesthetic.

Sleigh beds have a heritage which dates back to the Roman era – heavily influenced by Napoleon, who wanted all his beds made this way. Napoleon’s preference for sleigh bed frames significantly increased the popularity of the design in France, and so, in the early 1800’s, the sleigh bed was born.

Find out more about the history of sleigh beds.

Most of our Sleigh beds come in up to six standard sizes, from single sleigh bed frames (3ft wide), up to Emperor, which is 7ft wide.


For instance, the Parisienne sleigh bed comes in all six standard sizes, but the Loft Sleigh Bed is available in three.


Our standard sizes include the following:


  • Wooden Sleigh Bed Single – 3’0”
  • Wooden Sleigh Bed Double – 4’6”
  • Wooden Sleigh Bed Kingsize – 5’0”
  • Super Kingsize Sleigh Bed – 6’0”
  • Eastern King Sleigh Bed – 6’6”
  • Emperor Sleigh Bed – 7’0”


However, our sleigh beds are made to order and measure, so we can craft your bed to your specifications. For example, if you want a standard queen-size bed, we can make that for you.

Our Sleigh beds come in various widths, lengths, and heights, depending on your chosen style.


The largest sleigh bed in our collection is an emperor-sized Tuscany Sleigh Bed, available up to 2,292mm wide and 2,315mm long.


Our smallest sleigh beds are either:

  • A single Connecticut Sleigh Bed – reaching a height of 1,144mm, a width of 1,020mm, and a length of 2,167mm.
  • A double Loft Sleigh Bed – reaching a height of 936mm, width of 1,446mm, and length of 2,146mm.
  • A single Parisienne Sleigh Bed – reaching a height of 1,070mm, a width of 1,064mm, and a length of 2,145mm.


Our full range of sleigh beds and sizes are:

Our wooden sleigh bed frames do not come with a mattress. However, our Henry Smeaton mattresses are available and fit all our wooden beds.


Oak is widely considered one of the best types of wood for bed frames. This is because they’re durable, stable, and strong.

Although this will depend on the manufacturer, most oak bed frames will last at least a decade. However, proper care and maintenance could maintain a bed’s structural integrity for a lifetime.


At Revival Beds, our sleigh beds are given a 10-year guarantee with a 21-day money-back promise. All our wooden bed frames are also guaranteed to be squeak-free.

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