Our handmade sleigh beds offer that unique blend of traditional French-inspired design and contemporary living to fit effortlessly into any style of bedroom. If you’re looking for a new bed that will really make a statement, look no further than a stunning wooden sleigh bed.

  • Parisienne Sleigh Bed

    A 19th Century French inspired handmade wooden sleigh bed.

    From £968 or £19.47 p/m
  • Tuscany Sleigh Bed

    Exquisite English craftsmanship combined with Scotland’s finest leather.

    From £1442 or £29.00 p/m
  • Monaco Sleigh Bed

    A handcrafted sleigh bed that evokes a distinctly Mediterranean style.

    From £968 or £19.47 p/m
  • Amalfi Sleigh Bed

    The elegance of a sleigh bed combined with fine Scottish leather.

    From £1377 or £27.69 p/m
  • Loft Sleigh Bed

    This Metropolitan sleigh bed is available up to super king-size and comes with free delivery.

    From £867 or £17.44 p/m
  • Camargue Sleigh Bed

    This wooden sleigh bed has been styled after the Camargue region of France.

    From £1033 or £20.77 p/m
  • Connecticut Sleigh Bed

    A refined wooden sleigh bed, combining New England and 19th Century European styles.

    From £968 or £19.47 p/m

Sleigh Beds

The aim with our sleigh bed range has been to create a beautiful bed that is true to the original French design: elegant and almost ‘weightless’ in appearance, yet as strong as an ox. All our range is available in a range of natural wood and hand-painted finishes, as well as solid oak.

Our sleigh bed frames are designed and handcrafted by our expert team at our Nottinghamshire workshop here in the UK. Because of this, we can promise you that your new bed will be immaculately presented when it arrives at your front door.

We’re so confident about the quality of our Wooden Beds; each sleigh bed comes with a 10-year guarantee, as well as free delivery & installation.

What are sleigh beds made from?

In theory, you can craft a sleigh bed from any solid material. Here at Revival Beds, all of our Sleigh Bed frames are made from only the finest solid Oak and Oregon – meaning they’re not just robust but can last a lifetime.

Why are sleigh bed frames popular?

The popularity of sleigh bed frames is largely down to their sleek and stylish design, created by the curved headboard and footboard. Sleigh beds are almost among the most flexible bed designs when it comes to designs, materials and finishes; meaning there’s a styling option for everyone.

Sleigh bed with drawers - are they available?

Yes, most of our sleigh beds are available with integrated drawers for an additional 10 cubic feet of storage space.

Our solid wood sleigh beds with drawers are hand built from the finest materials and come complete with free delivery and installation.

Are sleigh beds in style?

Yes! Even in 2019 sleigh beds are the ultimate when it comes to combining simplicity and luxury. In fact, sleigh bed designs have been heavily featured in many ‘Best designer beds’ articles already this year.

Are sleigh beds comfortable?

In most cases this will be down to mattress performance, so make sure you buy a sleigh bed that is the right size for your mattress.

Our craftsman can build bespoke sized sleigh bed frames for those looking for something extra wide or extra long. For example, if you required extra leg room, then all of our sleigh bed designs can be made longer than the standard 6′ 2″ or 6′ 6″ lengths.

Where did sleigh beds originate from?

Sleigh beds have a heritage which dates back to the Roman era – heavily influenced by Napoleon who wanted all his beds made this way. Napoleon’s preference for sleigh bed frames significantly increased the popularity of the design in France, and so, in the early 1800’s the sleigh bed was born.

Find out more about the history of sleigh beds.

Our sleigh beds are available up to 7ft Emperor size. As part of our bespoke service, we can also make any of our sleigh beds extra long.

Our sleigh beds are available in 10 natural wood and pastel paint finishes. You can also order a Revival Sleigh Bed in solid European oak.

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