Bedroom Furniture Handles & Knobs

Not only do beautifully designed handles bring furniture to life, they need to be user friendly. Our handles & knobs work in harmony with our wooden drawers for bedroom furniture that's a delight to use.

We offer three different furniture collections with matching handles or knobs: the Signature Collection, the County Kerry Collection and the New England Collection.

Signature Collection

Your bedroom is one of the most personal rooms in your home, so it’s important to get the look just right. The Signature Collection of handmade bedroom furniture comes with Bordeaux knobs and looks simply perfect alongside our wooden beds*.

*The Signature Collection coordinates perfectly with all our handmade beds, apart from the County Cork, County Kerry’s, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont’s and the Shaker which have their own furniture collections.

Solid Oak Bedside Cabinet with Door

New England Collection

Tongue and groove detailing paired with Bordeaux knobs (English Bronze or Heritage Iron depending on your preference), the New England Collection is all about clean understated lines and beautifully balanced proportions.

New England bedroom furniture coordinates perfectly with the Maine, Shaker, Vermont’s and Connecticut beds.

Silver & Gold Iron Knobs

Bordeaux Knobs

Solid and imposing, this striking range of knobs draws its influence from the late 18th century classical French design and is available in two different finishes, depending on your preference – English Bronze (on the left) or Heritage Iron (on the right).

Signature and New England Collections come with Bordeaux knobs.

2 over 5 Chest in Solid Oak Close Up Detail

County Kerry Collection

Inspired by 18th and 19th century vintage Irish furniture, the County Kerry Collection is the epitome of good, honest, solid design built with time-honoured techniques to last a lifetime. Note the distinctive multi-panelling on the doors and drawers, with black handles and the traditional dogtooth decoration.

County Kerry 3 Door Solid Wood Bedside Cabinet

The County Kerry Collection is an exclusive design for our County Cork, County Clare and County Kerry beds.

Furniture Collections

The Signature, New England and County Kerry Collections have a wide range of bedroom furniture pieces. From bedside cabinets and dressing tables through to wardrobes – each with a myriad of different options, configurations and sizes so you can pick and choose the perfect bedroom suite.

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