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Our Emperor beds are available in five natural wood finishes and we can also offer a colour matching service.


Emperor beds are 7ft wide and 6’6″ long, but we can also offer a bespoke service if you require a specialist size. Our standard bed frame sizes are from (3ft) Single up to (8ft) Caesar.

Emperor Beds

At Revival Beds, we offer an extensive collection of handmade wooden bed frames including Emperor sleigh beds and Emperor four-poster beds. All of our wooden bed frames are available in a choice of four beautiful natural wood finishes, including solid oak.

Emperor beds are notably large and offer a vast sleeping area, fostering a unique sense of security while you’re in bed. As everything is handmade to order by our master craftsmen, we can create a unique-sized Emperor bed frame to fit all your requirements and any custom specifications if needed. 

Included in our Emperor bed collection is a full suite of luxury bedroom furniture, matching wardrobes, Emperor-sized mattresses, and bedding that is handmade in the UK. To find out more, request your free brochure today and browse all wooden bed frames, furniture, and accessories on offer from Revival Beds.

Emperor Beds FAQ

What size is an Emperor bed frame?

Emperor bed frames are an impressive 7 ft wide by 6”6” long to provide extra large sleeping space. Couples who like to stretch out and sleep comfortably will enjoy the abundance of room provided by an Emperor bed. 

For other available bed sizes like double wooden beds, super king size, and Caesar bed frames, check out our handy guide on bed frame sizes here.

An Emperor bed is certainly a larger size frame at 7 feet in width, but it is not the biggest bed available. Some wooden bed frames come in sizes up to 8ft wide. In the UK, these extra wide frame sizes are called Caesar beds.

Once you have purchased your Emperor-sized handmade wooden bed, our expert team will deliver the bed and install it in your home completely free. If you need linens and accessories, Revival Beds provides a range of luxury bedding to fit all our beds and mattress sizes. 

Check out our range of duvets, bedding, and drapes here.

Emperor bed frames come in a range of styles and designs to complement any bedroom decor. Choose from sleigh beds, and four-poster bed frames, or for a more modern design select an Emperor bed frame like the Canterbury, which features contemporary leather padded inserts. 

As Emperor beds are 7ft in width, the room will need to be wide enough to contain the bed. There should be enough room to get in or out and walk around your new Emperor bed comfortably. If you have selected additional handmade furniture items to go in the room the remaining space will also need to be considered to ensure that the area isn’t too cramped or obstructed.

Most of our handmade wooden bed frames come with available storage options. If you would like extra room beneath your handmade wooden Emperor bed frame, drawers can be constructed below the bed to provide ample room for holding linens, towels, or other items. Browse our selection of Emperor beds to select the styles that work best for your bedroom space.

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