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2/5 Chest

Our 2/5 chest-of-drawers is a taller option for where space is limited. It’s similar to our 2/2 chest, yet with 3 additional full-width drawers providing ample storage space.

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At Revival Beds we’ve thought of everything with chests-of-drawers in a myriad of different widths, heights and drawer sizes and configurations so you can choose the perfect chest-of-drawers for your bedroom size and décor, and your individual lifestyle.

Our 2/5 chest is taller – our tallest medium-width chest-of-drawers – meaning that it fits neatly into a bedroom where space may be at a premium and yet where you require the ample storage space that 5 full-width plus 2 half-width drawers offer.

Being slightly taller also means that our 2/5 chest-of-drawers is just the right height to accommodate a TV. Or, with our square wall mirror affixed to the wall behind it, our 2/5 chest-of-drawers transforms into a super surface area for styling hair or applying makeup.


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