• Bedding Packs

    Luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding packs available up to 1000 thread count.

    From £144
  • Four Poster Drapes

    Talk to us about your requirements or ask for your free swatch samples.

    From £299
  • Pillows

    Choose from duck down and feather, goose down, memory foam, or latex pillows.

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  • Duvets

    White goose down, Hungarian goose feather and down and Canadian goose down duvets.

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Duvets, Bedding & Drapes

A special bed deserves specialist bedding. Whatever you have in mind, we can make it for you.

Because Revival Bedding is designed and hand-stitched in the UK from the world’s finest fabrics, we can create the perfect bedding collection – from bespoke sizes, shades and thread-counts to… well, practically anything!

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, the most important thing after the comfort of the bed is the feel of the fabric next to your skin. Some people adore the sateen, slightly weighty feel of 1000 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton bedding while others prefer something a little lighter, perhaps a flat, crisp percale.

Whatever it takes to create your dream bedroom, we can put it together for you. Because every item of bedding is hand-stitched to order by our seamstresses, you are at liberty to specify any size or fabric. Simply talk to us about your bedding requirements and we can guide you through your options. To request free fabric samples, call 01777 869 669.

What does thread count mean?

Thread count is the number of threads woven together in a square inch. A higher number means a tighter thread and the quality of the product increases as the thread count goes up.

What thread counts are available?

Our bedding is made in the UK and available in 200, 400 and 1000 thread count.

What sizes are available?

All our bedding, which includes bedding sheets, duvets and mattress protectors are available from single (3ft) up to Caesar (8ft) size.

We can also supply extra long and extra wide bedding if you are looking for something bespoke. To talk to us about you bedding requirements simply call 01777 869 669.

What is Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton is a quality product that is lighter and softer than standard cotton. This is because Egyptian cotton is grown in humid and rich soil conditions on the river Nile. This enables the growth of long cotton fibres, which are hand picked and softer when spun.

What does Percale mean?

Percale is the weave of the fabric. It has a thread count of 200 or higher and is tighter than the standard type of weave used for bed sheets. Percale is combed before weaving which removes the knots, it is then woven tightly to give a smooth finish.

What bedding colours are available?

We have a range of bedding colours available including white and ivory, which are our most popular.

We also have a new collection of bedding colours for 2018, which include; cream, cloud, stone, apply, navy, duck egg, blush, black and lilac.

Can you supply drapes for four poster beds?

Yes we supply drapes for four poster beds and there are many options available to you.

To find out more about our luxury drape collection or to arrange free swatches, simply call 01777 869 669.

What is included in a bedding pack?

Our bedding packs are available in a number of colour options, sizes and thread counts and include the following:

1 x duvet cover
1 x fitted sheet
4 x Oxford pillow cases (x 2 for 3ft, single)

We can also supply bolster bedding packs.

Are mattress protectors breathable?

Yes our mattress protectors are breathable and don’t make any noise or crackle when you move on them.

What is Flannelette?

Flannelette is a technique where 100 % cotton is brushed to create a more snug, warm feeling.

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