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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do Revival Beds have a centre bar?

All Revival beds above 4’6″ are provided with centre bars as standard.

2. What aftercare does my bed, furniture and mattress need?

With a little care, your new furniture should provide many years of trouble-free use. Follow these care & use instructions to find out how to look after your new products to ensure that they really do last for a lifetime.

3. Can my bed be disassembled?  

All bed and bedroom furniture can disassembled if you move house. Our assembly guides can be downloaded below:

Four Poster Beds
Under-bed Storage Drawers

4. Where is the best place to position my bed / furniture?

The only places where we would advise you not to site your bed or furniture is in direct sunlight, close up to a radiator, or in a very, very warm bedroom.

5. What if I don’t like my new bed?

All our beds come with a no quibble 21-day money-back promise, we’ll even arrange for a re-collection at our own expense. This is how confident we are that you will be delighted with your new handmade bed.

6. Do I get a guarantee?

All Revival Beds are guaranteed for 10 years against workmanship standards, for your complete peace of mind. In the unlikely event of there being a problem, we will either repair or replace your bed to your satisfaction. We do not guarantee against fair wear and tear.

All furniture is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship and mattresses come with a 5 year guarantee.

7. Will my bed squeak?

Revival Beds are guaranteed squeak free. If your bed squeaks we will first go through a check list to try and rectify the squeak. If this doesn’t work we will either make a call to repair or replace your bed.

8. What if I scratch or mark my bed / furniture?

No need to worry! We can usually supply you with stain or wax to get rid of any marks.

9. When will my order be delivered?

Our normal lead time from placing an order is approximately 10 weeks. However we will look at any urgent or time bound orders on an individual basis – to speak to our customer service team call 01777 869 669.

Delivery & installation charge exceptions

UK mainland 
All wooden beds and bedroom furniture are delivered & installed free of charge to UK mainland with the following exceptions.

Isle of Wight – Revival beds will deliver goods free of charge to a nominated shipper or port where the goods are taken to the customer at their cost.

For deliveries one hour north of the Glasgow – Edinburgh corridor we may elect to use a third party courier to carry out the delivery. The delivery is free of charge, however there is installation charge of £60.00 for beds and £85.00 for 4 poster beds.

Isle of Man & channel islands
Revival beds will deliver goods free of charge to a nominated shipper or port where the goods are taken to the customer at their cost.

There would be an additional charge for delivery & installation to Ireland – please call us to find out more.

EU and International
We are happy to look at shipping furniture to other destinations and can provide a quote on request. Alternatively customers can organise their own shipping – we would provide free delivery within the UK to the nominated carrier / port.

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