Our 8ft wide Caesar bed frames are handmade to order in the UK from solid wood and come with free delivery and installation by our specialist team.

  • County Kerry Bed

    A solid, majestic handcrafted bed inspired by rustic Ireland, complete with split barley twists.

    From £1019 or £20.49 p/m
  • Ambassador Bed

    Especially for larger bedrooms, our impressive Ambassador Bed makes a bold statement.

    From £1127 or £22.67 p/m
  • Ambassador Four Poster Bed

    This solid handmade four poster bed will be an exquisite focal point for your bedroom.

    From £1777 or £35.73 p/m
  • County Clare

    We’ve taken one of our most grandiose beds and given it a delightful new twist.

    From £1369 or £27.53 p/m
  • Maine Bed

    Simple, calm and serene, our traditional Maine New England Bed with its classic shaker style.

    From £825 or £16.59 p/m
  • County Cork

    An extraordinary bed available in a choice of 20 stunning leather shades.

    From £1384 or £27.83 p/m
  • County Kerry Four Poster Bed

    Inspired by ancient Ireland, our beautiful candy twist four post bed.

    From £1562 or £31.41 p/m
  • Tall Mackintosh Bed

    A luxury wooden bed inspired by designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

    From £1448 or £29.12 p/m
  • Balmoral Four Poster Bed

    The epitome of tradition. This Tudor style four poster bed is only available in larger sizes.

    From £2571 or £51.70 p/m
  • Mackintosh Bed

    This handmade Mackintosh bed isn’t simply a classic; it’s a work of art.

    From £1127 or £22.67 p/m
  • Windsor Bed

    Perfectly proportioned, this elegant handmade bed will work with any décor.

    From £915 or £18.40 p/m
  • Vermont Four Poster Bed

    Celebrating the simple & understated, our New England inspired four poster bed.

    From £1418 or £28.52 p/m
  • Vermont Bed

    Simple, honest and clean – that’s the genius of Vermont styling.

    From £962 or £19.35 p/m
  • Windsor Four Poster Bed

    A simple yet elegant, traditional style wooden four poster bed.

    From £1378 or £27.71 p/m
  • Tall Ambassador Bed

    This super big bed is almost exclusively made in wide widths, from from 4ft 6ins upwards.

    From £1377 or £27.69 p/m
  • Orleans Four Poster Bed

    A romantic & decadent French-Chateau inspired handmade four poster bed.

    From £1378 or £27.71 p/m

Caesar Beds

Most of our solid wood bed frames are available 8ft Caesar wide and we can even make our beds extra long or high if that is something you require.

Our 8ft wide Caesar bed frames are all handmade to order in the UK and available in 11 natural wood and painted finish options, including solid oak.

As part of our service, we also have a collection of Caesar mattresses and luxury bedding options to fit our extra wide beds. All our beds come complete with free delivery and installation by our specialist team, as well as a 10 year guarantee.

What size is a Caesar bed?

Caesar beds are 8ft wide and 6′ 6″ long. The next size down from Caesar beds are Emperor beds which are 7ft wide.


Can I get a mattress and bedding to fit?

Yes, we have a collection of handmade Caesar mattresses, as well as luxury bedding options to fit all our bed sizes.

Will a Caesar bed frame go up my stairs?

To make sure you have enough access for a Caesar bed, we ask you to take a few measurements of your stairs before delivery and installation, which is free and carried out by our specialist team.

What else do I need to consider?

There are many things to consider when buying a Caesar bed frame, which we’ve covered here – key points to consider when buying a big bed.

Free Delivery & Installation
10 Year Guarantee
Money Back Promise

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