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Our solid wood double bed frames are handmade by our master craftsmen in the UK and come complete with free delivery and installation by our specialist team, as well as a 10 year guarantee.

  • County Kerry Bed

    A solid, majestic handcrafted bed inspired by rustic Ireland, complete with split barley twists.

    From £1123 or £22.58 p/m
  • Parisienne Sleigh Bed

    A 19th Century French inspired handmade wooden sleigh bed.

    From £1067 or £21.46 p/m
  • Ambassador Bed

    Especially for larger bedrooms, our impressive Ambassador Bed makes a bold statement.

    From £1242 or £24.98 p/m
  • Tuscany Sleigh Bed

    Exquisite English craftsmanship combined with Italy’s finest leather.

    From £1590 or £31.97 p/m
  • Orleans Bed

    The romantic style of this French-Louis style wooden bed is both decadent and delightful.

    From £1008 or £20.27 p/m
  • Ambassador Four Poster Bed

    This solid handmade four poster bed will be an exquisite focal point for your bedroom.

    From £1959 or £39.39 p/m
  • Monaco Sleigh Bed

    A handcrafted sleigh bed that evokes a distinctly Mediterranean style.

    From £1067 or £21.46 p/m
  • County Cork

    An extraordinary bed available in a choice of 15 stunning leather shades.

    From £1525 or £30.67 p/m
  • Shaker Bed

    Simple and calm, this shaker style bed is the latest design in the New England collection.

    From £1153 or £23.19 p/m
  • Amalfi Sleigh Bed

    The elegance of a sleigh bed combined with fine Italian leather.

    From £1518 or £30.53 p/m
  • Quebec Pencil Bed

    The Quebec pencil bed offers the look and feel of an elegant four-poster bed but without the canopy.

    From £2505 or £50.37 p/m
  • Loft Sleigh Bed

    Think industrial light fittings and architectural salvage and you have the perfect setting for this modern sleigh bed.

    From £956 or £19.23 p/m
  • County Clare

    We’ve taken one of our most grandiose beds and given it a delightful new twist.

    From £1509 or £30.35 p/m
  • Camargue Sleigh Bed

    This wooden sleigh bed has been styled after the Camargue region of France.

    From £1139 or £22.91 p/m
  • Maine Bed

    Simple, calm and serene, our traditional Maine New England Bed with its classic shaker style.

    From £910 or £18.3 p/m
  • Studio Bed

    You could place the Studio bed in literally any setting and it would look ‘just right’.

    From £1216 or £24.45 p/m
  • Metro Bed

    A beautifully crafted metropolitan bed frame that looks great anywhere.

    From £950 or £19.11 p/m
  • County Kerry Four Poster Bed

    Inspired by ancient Ireland, our beautiful candy twist four post bed.

    From £1723 or £34.65 p/m
  • Connecticut Sleigh Bed

    A refined wooden sleigh bed, combining New England and 19th Century European styles.

    From £1067 or £21.46 p/m
  • Tall Mackintosh Bed

    A luxury wooden bed inspired by designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

    From £1596 or £32.1 p/m
  • Mackintosh Bed

    This handmade Mackintosh bed isn’t simply a classic; it’s a work of art.

    From £1242 or £24.98 p/m
  • Windsor Bed

    Perfectly proportioned, this elegant handmade bed will work with any décor.

    From £1008 or £20.27 p/m
  • Vermont Bed

    Simple, honest and clean – that’s the genius of Vermont styling.

    From £1060 or £21.32 p/m
  • Tall Ambassador Bed

    This super big bed is almost exclusively made in wide widths, from from 4ft 6ins upwards.

    From £1518 or £30.53 p/m
  • Windsor Four Poster Bed

    A simple yet elegant, traditional style wooden four poster bed.

    From £1519 or £30.55 p/m
  • Orleans Four Poster Bed

    A romantic & decadent French-Chateau inspired handmade four poster bed.

    From £1519 or £30.55 p/m

Double Beds

Our collection of solid wood double beds, including double sleigh beds and double four poster beds are handmade to order in the UK from the finest materials and come complete with free delivery and installation, as well as a 10 year guarantee.

Each double bed frame is available in four natural wood finishes as well as sustainable European oak and most of our bed designs can have integrated under-bed drawers, to add up to 16cu.ft of additional storage space.

For your complete peace of mind, all beds come with a 21 day money back promise.

How big is a double bed?

The dimensions of a double bed are 4’6” wide x 6’3” long (135 x 190 cm).

Please note that the actual bed frame dimensions may be bigger. For example, a double four poster bed would be wider than a double divan bed.

Yes, most of our solid wood bed frames are available with under-bed storage drawers.

Double beds are 4’6″ wide and 6’3″ long. However, because our beds are manufactured in the UK, we can also make extra long bed frames, extra wide beds and extra high wooden beds.

Our double beds are available in four natural wood finishes, as well as sustainable European oak. We can also offer a colour matching service.

Free Delivery & Installation
10 Year Guarantee
Money Back Promise

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