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Our master craftsmen have dedicated all their expertise to create the finest collection of four poster beds. The incredible design of a four-poster bed frame allows you to transform your bedroom into a place where you’ll be glad to spend the night! If you’re looking for luxury and romance, our solid wood four-poster beds are the ultimate glamorous addition to any bedroom.

  • Ambassador Four Poster Bed

    This solid handmade four poster bed will be an exquisite focal point for your bedroom.

    From £1777 or £35.73 p/m
  • Quebec Pencil Bed

    The Quebec pencil bed offers the look and feel of an elegant four-poster bed but without the canopy.

    From £2272 or £45.69 p/m
  • County Kerry Four Poster Bed

    Inspired by ancient Ireland, our beautiful candy twist four post bed.

    From £1562 or £31.41 p/m
  • Balmoral Four Poster Bed

    The epitome of tradition. This Tudor style four poster bed is only available in larger sizes.

    From £2571 or £51.70 p/m
  • Vermont Four Poster Bed

    Celebrating the simple & understated, our New England inspired four poster bed.

    From £1418 or £28.52 p/m
  • Windsor Four Poster Bed

    A simple yet elegant, traditional style wooden four poster bed.

    From £1378 or £27.71 p/m
  • Orleans Four Poster Bed

    A romantic & decadent French-Chateau inspired handmade four poster bed.

    From £1378 or £27.71 p/m

Four Poster Beds

Big bedrooms often cry out for the grandeur of a four-poster bed. Yet, in a completely different styling, four-posters can be romantic and chic – a look that isn’t too imposing in the smaller room.

No matter the size of your bedroom, your new bed can help to create the desired feel and ambience of the whole room. Our four poster beds can be a sleek, modern addition to your interior; alternatively, you can opt for a dominant canopy bed that will really take charge of the room.

Whatever your preference, we can build a perfectly proportioned solid oak four-poster in widths of up to 8ft Caesar size. Every bed is available with or without a canopy, under bed storage and comes with free delivery and installation.

What is a four poster bed made from?

Four poster beds can be built using many materials including metal and wood. Some of the most popular types of wood include walnut, mahogany and oak.

All Revival four poster beds are made from either sustainable European Oak or a combination of Quebec Yellow and Scandinavian Redwood to achieve the optimum combination of strength, stability and intricate design detail.

How high are four poster beds?

All our four poster bed designs vary in height, but they are all approximately 2 metres high. Our tallest four poster bed is the Ambassador (2140mm high) and our shortest, the Windsor (2010mm).

Can I change the height of a four poster bed?

Yes! Because all our four poster beds are handmade to order we can change the width, height and length of your bed. If you’d like to discuss our bespoke bed designs, then just give our team a call on 01777562034 and our team will be happy to help.

Will a four poster bed fit up my stairs and into my bedroom?

Yes. All our four poster beds are designed to be delivered and assembled in your bedroom by our specialist 2-man team. This delivery is completely free of charge (UK Mainland). Before you place an order, we will check that you have enough space within your doorways and stairs to install a four poster bed.

Can a four poster bed be dissembled and reassembled?

All our beds can be dissembled and then reassembled. If you need to disassemble and reassemble your Revival Bed, then please follow these instructions.

Do four poster beds come with a canopy?

All our four poster beds are available with a canopy, but this is optional and down to individual preference.

“Did you know that the canopy was originally designed to safeguard the occupants from falling plaster and bugs”. Here are some more interesting facts about four poster beds.

How do I dress a four poster bed?

There are many ways to, and fabric options available when it comes to dressing a four poster bed including drapes, pelmets, curtains, brocades and voiles. At Revival Beds, all fabric dressings are handmade in the UK and available in various colour options. Why not check out our advice on how to best dress a four poster bed?

Most of our four poster beds are available from single (3ft) up to Caesar size (8ft) – the most popular sizes are king-size (5ft wide) and super king-size (6ft wide).

Revival Beds also offer a ‘made-to-measure’ service if you are looking for a bespoke bed.

“Did you know that the largest known four poster bed… ‘The Great Bed of Ware’ was built in 1590 and measured over 3 metres wide? Check it out here.


Most of our four poster beds are available to you in 14 natural wood and pastel paint finishes, as well as solid European oak.

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