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Henry Smeaton Platinum 6700 Mattress

The Platinum 6700 is available exclusively through Revival Beds from Henry Smeaton, who have been manufacturing mattresses in Britain for over 130 years.

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Beneath the hand-tufted Belgian damask cover of the Platinum 6700 mattress from Henry Smeaton lies a comfort system that takes the science of sleep to an entirely new level.

As well as a soft wool, cashmere, silk, mohair and cotton filling and gel infused 25mm latex layer plus hypo allergenic fabric layers, the Platinum 6700 contains 6700 individual pocketed and tablet springs designed to deliver the ultimate support and comfort throughout the night.

But these are no ordinary springs. With the Platinum 6700 you get a meticulous construction of 2000 4-inch springs, 1300 2-inch springs and no less than 2 layers of 1800 tablet springs, resulting in a pocketed spring system so precise that it can only ever be constructed by hand.

Each spring reacts in a different way so you get exactly the right amount of support across the whole body. Yet at the same time, it remains soft and responsive as you turn over in the night. It’s no surprise that a Henry Smeaton mattress is known as the Ultimate Sleeping Platform.

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