Natural Pearl Mattresses

Every aspect of our Natural Pearl Collection is designed to offer sublime support, responsiveness and comfort.

Imagine a sleeping surface that moulds to your body’s natural contours. Imagine a breathable mattress that’s warm in winter yet cool in summer, helping to regulate your body’s temperature.

The sumptuous padding is a luxury blend of cashmere and lambs’ wool with its natural ability to help regulate body temperature. Finally, extra comfort is provided by a high spring-count to offer outstanding support and stability.

What does pocket sprung mattress mean?

A pocket sprung mattress means that each spring is individual and independent of the other springs within the mattress.

How are pocket sprung mattresses made?

Essentially pocket sprung mattresses are made with at least one layer of pocket springs that have a soft padding on top. The padding can be a blend of a number of materials including lambs wool and cashmere.

How many springs should be in a pocket sprung mattress?

Better quality mattresses will have at least 1000 pocket springs, but the amount required for a mattress is individual to you and your needs.

Can you fold a pocket sprung mattress?

No you can’t fold a good quality pocket sprung mattress and you would damage it if you tried.

What fillings are in a pocket sprung mattress?

There can be a number of different materials in the fillings of a mattress. One of the most popular is lambs wool because it has unique properties to help you stay warm in the winter, yet cool in the summer.

Always ask the mattress manufacturer what fillings are in your mattress.

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