Coolux Mattresses

Designed using the latest sleep technology, a Coolux mattress offers a level of comfort and support that’s been impossible to achieve until now.

With our Coolux mattresses you get an optimum combination: the gentle, even, support of individually pocketed springs finished with a luxury top layer of natural latex – one of the world’s most comfortable, cushioning materials.

A great alternative to memory foam, Coolux mattresses also feature Clamar cool fabric – designed to keep the body temperature regulated at between 37 / 38 degrees.

Is a latex mattress hot to sleep on?

If anything, a latex mattress is cooling. The air in the foam cell is not trapped, meaning it circulates like in natural sponge, keeping the sleeper at a consistent temperature.

Is a latex mattress good for back pain?

It’s not easy to be too exact about this, but as a rule of thumb, a latex mattress supports pressure points very well which should avoid back pain occurring if it’s not already present.

How do I clean a latex mattress?

The five key things to remember when it comes to keeping your latex mattress fresh and clean are. 1 Rotate or flip your mattress regularly. 2 Always use a cleanable/washable mattress cover. 3 Do gentle spot cleaning if necessary. 4 Avoid uncovered exposure to direct sunlight. 5 Allow your mattress to breathe.

Do latex mattresses give off an odour?

In short, no natural latex does not give off any chemical odours. However, they may have a faint vanilla odour which should cease once the mattress is used, (use makes the mattress breath).

What is a hybrid latex mattress?

Hybrid mattresses differ from a solid latex mattress in that they take the best aspects of latex and combine it with pocketed spring mattresses in the form of a topper. This topper can give an extra layer of comfort to the sleeper.

How long do latex mattresses last?

On average, latex mattresses last longer than most other mattress types; longevity is a prime benefit of organic or natural latex mattresses.

Can you bend a latex mattress?

Yes, you can bend and manipulate latex mattresses. A solid latex mattress can safely be manipulated and gently bent or folded to accommodate a move or a tight stairway.

Why are latex mattresses more expensive?

The reason that latex mattresses are often more expensive than a traditional mattress relates to the fact that latex is harvested by hand; this means that there are many person-hours before the sap can be processed into latex.  There is no simple quick-fix or shortcut to produce natural latex.

How is latex made?

The primary material that makes up latex is the Sap from the Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis). This sap is collected and processed into latex. The processes used to turn this sap into latex are either the Talalay or the Dunlop method.

Our latex mattresses are available from 3ft (single) up to 8ft (caesar) size, but our most popular sizes are king-size (5ft) and super king-size (6ft). All our latex mattresses from super king-size are also available in extra long lengths if required.

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